Advertising Awards

Every two years, Alacero invites its member companies, as well as suppliers, distributors and customers to share their most remarkable communication efforts, and rewards those initiatives that stand out for their contribution to promote steel and the steel industry. 

Introducing some innovations, the 2014 version of Alacero Advertising Awards will recognize the communication activities that excelled in promoting the following topics: 

  • The steel value chain is an engine of progress and sustainability for Latin America.
  • Steel makes everyday life easier, safer and more enjoyable.
  • Steel respects the environment.
  • Steel is an innovative, safe and sustainable industry, with world-class standards.

The campaigns and communications pieces will be analyzed by a Jury of Experts and winners will be announced during Alacero-55.

For more information on Alacero Advertising Awards, please contact Marta Rogina: [email protected]