Plant Visits

Date:  Wednesday, November 12 
Cost:  Transportation (air ticket from Mexico City to the location of the plant)
Clothing: The use of long sleeve shirt, long pants (jeans preferably) and closed shoes are mandatory. It is prohibited to use synthetic clothing, soft-soled shoes (tennis/sneakers) and high heels.
Safety: Safety equipment is mandatory. Safety equipment (helmet, jacket, sunglasses and earplugs) will be provided for each visitor.
Alternatives: _Compañía Minera Autlán, Tamos Plant (Veracruz)
_Gerdau Corsa (Tultitlán)
_TenarisTamsa, TenarisTamsa Industrial Center (Veracruz)
_Ternium México, Ternium Industrial Center (Pesquería, N.L)

For more information on activities, registration and transfer:

Compañía Minera Autlán  

Plant: Tamós (Manganese ferroalloys)
Location: Km. 457 Carretera Valles Tampico Tamós, Municipio de Pánuco, Veracruz. 

The plant is located in Tamós in the northern of the Veracruz state. It is the largest industrial complex of Autlán and has 5 electric furnaces and a refining facilityfor the production of high carbon ferromanganese, ferromanganese refining and silicomanganese. Tamós plant maintains high quality standards and has obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

To confirm your participation please send an e-mail to [email protected] 

Transportation: Airplane
Flights recommended  
Outbound flight: AEROMÉXICO 2412 (Terminal 2) / Mexico City - Tampico
Return flight: INTERJET 3143 / Tampico - Mexico City 

11:15     _Flight  Mexico City – Tampico, AEROMÉXICO flight 2412 (Terminal 2)
12:20     _Arrival to Tampico airport
12:30     _Transfer to plant Tamós (by van)
13:05     _Welcoming Meal, presentation of Autlán Mining Company, Ferroalloys division
14:00     _Tour of Tamós plant
15:30     _Tour ends 
15:35     _Mexican folkloric show
16:00     _Transfer to Tampico Airport
16:30     _Transfer to Tampico Airport
17:30     _Tampico Flight - Mexico City, INTERJET 3143 flight
18:30     _Arrival to Mexico City and end of activities

Gerdau Corsa  

Plants: Steel making (Productora de Acero y Laminaciónand Rebar Rolling and Processing (Habilitado de Varilla)
Location: Tultitlán, State of Mexico

Gerdau Corsa has two steel making plants, located in Mexico State and it is building a plant for the production of structural steel. It has three scrap-collectinard units, a plant for rebar rolling and processing and seven distribution centers. Its products meet national and international standards specifications. It also seeks for the efficiency of its environmental practices and the sustainable development of the supply chain.

To confirm your participation, please send an e-mail to [email protected] 

Transportation: Sprinters vans
Departure: From Hilton Mexico City Reforma. Approximately one hour to the plant. 
Return: From the plant to Hilton Mexico City Reforma.

09:00     _Transfer from the Hilton Hotel to Tultitlán plant
10:00     _Plant tour
11:00     _Snack
11:15     _Transfer to Rebar Rolling and Procesing plant
11:30     _Tour Rebar Rolling and Procesing Plant
12:30     _Transfer to the Hilton Hotel


Plant: TenarisTamsa Industrial Center
Location: Km. 433.7 Carretera Mexico - Veracruz, Via Xalapa

The Tenaris Industrial Center, is one of the largest in the production of steel pipes for the energy industry as well as for the exploration and production of oil and gas. Located in Veracruz, has modern integrated high-tech facilities, to deliver high value-added and product and complying with international standards of quality, safety and environmental care.

To confirm your participation please send an email to [email protected]

Transportation: Airplane
Flights recommended
Outward Flight: AEROMÉXICO AM3400 / Mexico City - Veracruz
Return Flight: AEROMÉXICO AM2091 / Veracruz - Mexico City

13:10     _Flight Mexico City – Veracruz Aeroméxico AM3400
13:15     _Transfer from Airpot to TenarisTamsa Industrial Center
13:30     _Welcome at TenarisUniversity
13:45     _Tour around the Industrial Center
16:00     _Lunch
17:00     _Transfer to the Airport
17:30     _Flight Veracruz-Mexico City Aeroméxico 2091 

Ternium Mexico  

Plant: Ternium Industrial Center
Location: Carretera Pesquería km 15, Pesquería, Los Ramones, Nuevo León

Located in the district of Pesquería, Nuevo León, Ternium Industrial Center is the most modern steel complex of its kind in Latin America. With an investment of US$ 1.100 million, it will produce nearly 2 million tons of steel through its two main production lines, four cold processes and high technology services.  This will allow the substitution of imports and contribute to a greater competitiveness of national industry.

To confirm your participation please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Transportation: Avión
Recommended flight schedules
Outward Flight: 07:00 hrs (Mexico City - Monterrey)
Return flight: 17:30 hrs (Monterrey - Mexico City)

09:00     _Tranfer to airport – Ternium Pesquería.  Registration and acces to  the plant
10:00     _Welcome. Safety Instructions
11:00     _Tour of the facilities
14:00     _Lunch at Pesquería plant
15:30     _Transfer to the airport
16:40     _Airport